Location: 166 Sproule St, San Francisco,CA 94566

Solar System _____________________

Size: 200kW

Electricity generated: 63,180 kWh (First year then 0.5% less annually)
72-cell polycrystalline solar panels with 25 year manufacture warranty
Racking without roof penetration and providing 10 degree tilt to the panels
String inverters ballast-mounted on the roof and having 10 year manufacturer warranty
Monitoring equipment to view online real-time and historical solar performance data

Turn-key installation Services ____________________

Design, permitting and installation services. Ac conduit will run from the rooftop inverters, along the rooftop and outside wall of the building, penetrate a side wall to enter the electrical room, and connect at the 480V panel using a standard utility interconnection design
Design to standard fire codes and county/city requirements
10 year workmanship warranty

Exclusions _______________________

Electrical, roof, or structural upgrades
Special adaptations to the racking due to the roof, such as mechanical anchoring or slip sheets
Prevailing or union wages
Roofs greater than 30 feet above ground
Operating services such as maintenance or monitoring
Government fees or taxes other than sales tax

Installation Schedule

  • Finance (if applicable)
    Avg Time: 6 Weeks

    If you choose to buy solar electricity service, the financing company will first review your financials and set up the financing.

  • Design & Permit
    Avg Time: 4 Weeks

    Your installer will create a detailed design of your system which will then be reviewed and approved by the local permitting agency.

  • Procure Components
    Avg Time: 6 Weeks

    Once the permit is approved, your installer will order solar panels, inverters, and racking.

  • Install
    Avg Time: 4 Weeks

    Once all the components have arrived, installation begins. Your installer will be at your facility 1 to 3 weeks, a few weeks for the utility to give final approval.